Additional pictures available upon request.

Fender Deluxe 1963 Recently serviced, very clean, awesome tone, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Vibrolux 1963 Recenty serviced, very clean, replaced speaker, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1967 Early 67, all original, super clean, awesome tone, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Princeton 1959 All original, very clean, 1x8, great tweed, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Pro Reverb 1966 Very clean, recenty serviced, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Super 1962 Recently serviced, original brown 2x10 Fender tone, VG cond. $2,800

Fender Vibrolux 1959 All original with footswitch, 1x10 Jensen P10R, classic Fender tweed tone, exc. cond. Sold

Fender Vibrolux Reverb 1965 Very clean, original blackface, exc. cond. $3,500

Fender Vibroverb 1964 All original blackface, near mint cond. Sold

Gibson GA-79RVT 1961 Great stereo tweed, C10Qs, recently serviced, exc. cond. $3,200

Gibson GA-79RV 1961 Early 61 with P10Qs, awesome sound, recently serviced, exc. cond. Sold

Gibson GA-40 1955 Two-Tone classic, great sound, great amp, just serviced, exc. cond. $2,000

Gibson Maestro GA-45T 1961 Near mint, great sound, exc. cond. $1,500

Vox Scorpion 1968 All original with footswitch, exc. cond. Sold